"People are of the most importance to me. Above all, I perceive my clients as people to whom
I have a commitment."

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My name is Ori Schermann. I am an extremely experienced insurance agent, working with the leading insurance companies and investment houses in Israel. 

I specialize in optimizing your insurance portfolio so that it includes the exact and correct coverage for you and your beloved ones, given your unique family, personal and financial needs.

I have an MBA from the Tel Aviv University and have extensive experience in senior positions in technological and high-tech companies in Israel and abroad.

Over the years, I have accompanied hundreds of clients, assisting them in putting together the appropriate insurance portfolio for their needs, while reducing costs and preventing unnecessary insurance duplications.

I handle adequate risk management for you, aiming to save lives and prevent the economic collapse of your home in difficult situations as well as utilizing your family budget correctly. I make sure to increase family savings both in the short term and for their retirement.

I recognize the importance of being with the customer in his moment of need, when he is in distress and needs his insurance to be activated. I am extremely experienced in handling claims and fight decisively and with determination with the insurance companies so that every client quickly receives the money he deserves.

I muster all my professionalism, creativity and vast experience to the benefit of my clients considering them, above all, people to whom I am utterly and totally committed.

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A Complete Insurance and Savings Mantle for you

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Property Insurance

Business Insurance

Overseas Travel insurance

Mortgage Insurance

Pension Savings

Financial Savings

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